Late Sheik Ja'afar Mahmoud Adam (12th March 1961 - 13th April 2007)



Sheikh Ja’afar: A biography


Late Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam was born on February 12, 1960 in the ancient city of Daura in present day Katsina State. He started learning his Qur’anic education from Malam Haruna, his elder sister’s husband. From there he was taken to Fagge town in Kano in 1978, where he began the memorization of the Holy Qur’an under the guidance of Malam Abdullahi.

His thirst for knowledge took him further to an Arabic institution which was under the Egyptian Cultural Centre situated at Bello Dandago Road, Kano in 1981. Within the same period he was attending an adult (education) school, situated at Shahuci. He usually attended the adult school in the evening and the Egyptian centre at noon. In 1984, he got admission into the Government Teachers’ College, Gwale and graduated in 1988. In 1989, he secured admission into the prestigious Islamic University in Madina, Saudi Arabia where he studied for three years and graduated in 1993. Some of the famous scholars that taught Sheikh Ja’afar include Sheikh Abdul Rafi’i, Dr. Mahmud Abdul Haliq and Dr. Khald As-Sabat.

When he returned from Saudi Arabia, he got admitted in the Bayero University, Kano (BUK). He however could not finish the programme due to some reasons. But nevertheless, he had his second degree from the International University of Africa in Sudan.

It was after returning from Madina that the late Sheikh Ja’afar set up the Usman Bin Affan Centre which became autonomous in 1995. There, he taught various subjects like Tafsirul Qur’an (Qur’anic commentary) every Friday between Maghrib and Isha prayers, Nahwu on Saturdays between 8:00am and 9:30am, Sirah on Sundays at the famous Al-Muntada Mosque in Dorayi where he also leads Jumuah prayers, and Tafsir at tha Beirut Mosque, and other various subjects at different schools. He also conducted Tafsir annually in Maiduguri during Ramadan. He was also the head of the Usman Bin Affan Islamic Trust. At various times, he represented Nigeria internationally in Qur’anic recitation competitions where he emerged victorious and did the nation proud. He is a member of the “Ulama Consultative” in Zamfara and Bauchi states. He also presented various Islamic programmes on radio and television stations like Radio Kaduna, Bauchi Radio Corporation, CTV Kano, DITV Kaduna, NTA Borno, OITV Damaturu, NTA Yola, and so on.

He died at the age of 45 and survivied by two wives and five children. He was residing at Gadon Kaya in Kano city. During his lifetime, Sheikh Ja’afar was as controversial as they come. His preaching elicited blunt reactions from other Islamic scholars.

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